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530493_10151232441997909_1662951358_nJonesy Works started as a dare. Corie (the “her” that does the painting) received a frame from a friend. Jason (the “him” that does the making) said he could make picture frames. She dared him, and he showed her. And he improved it. When she wanted a new kitchen table, she dared him to build it, and he did. Jonesy Works got its start at weekend festivals all around Mississippi. Then we expanded to being a wholesale vendor at America’s Mart in Atlanta. Now, we focus on providing locally handmade products to our local stores, interior designers, customers visiting 30A and now an online store.

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Jonesy Works handmade signs can be purchased at Mercantile and Duckies in Seaside, FL. Both stores ship daily, so please call 850-213-0010 to place an order at Mercantile or 850-231-4800 to place an order at Duckies.

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Please like us on facebook and give us a follow on instagram to see our recent designs and products! Every time you purchase a Jonesy Works item, you are literally helping support our family of four!

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