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Well hello there, home school, we meet again. It is time to start 2nd grade. I have to be honest. Since I am still new to this and after taking a summer break, I lost all confidence that I was capable of home schooling my incredibly smart 7 year old. I began to doubt myself and all the amazing work we did in the spring. I lost sleep. I listened to the negative voices, both in my head and at the neighborhood pool.  I wrestled with our family’s decision. I’m just being honest. In fact I even questioned starting back. I felt overwhelmed and confused. Yet once again, it was my smart and talented 7 year old that gave me the courage and confidence to get started again, as well as my incredibly supportive husband.

Lucy has been begging to start back for a week. Monday I called my husband and told him something like this, “I know this is silly, but I just need you to hear me out. Lucy wants to start school tomorrow. I was going to wait until we got back from our trip, but she wants to start tomorrow. It is important to her. If we are going to start tomorrow, then I have to throw her a School Year’s Eve party. That’s important to me because it is what we have done every year before starting traditional school. I do not want her to feel like this isn’t a big deal. Should we start tomorrow or wait until next week? I just don’t know what to do!” He politely listened and then calmly said, “This isn’t silly. I understand. Do what is important to her. She is our girl. And do what is important to you. You are my girl. Throw the party tonight and start school tomorrow. I have all confidence that you can do this.” So, in no more than 45 minutes, I prepared the best School Year’s Eve party I could with the materials readily available in our home. We had a Mexican fiesta. We celebrated starting grade Two with Mexican Train and healthy Tacos! We told our favorite first grade memories over dinner, played several rounds of Mexican train, had ice cream for dessert and read books before going to bed. It was a HUGE success, and my daughter never knew it was anything less than a well thought out and planned event.

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Monday was an emotional roller coaster kind of day for me. I was up. I was down, but more importantly I ended on an up. I know that if I feel this way, then others do too. It doesn’t have to be just about home schooling either. It can be about anything and everything you are facing. I just want to remind you that whatever season you are in right now, go into it with all confidence. You’ve got this, and more importantly, God’s got this.  You CAN DO ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens you! As my Lucy loves to tell me, “Face your fears and trust God.”

Just like last February, the hardest part about home school for me was just getting started. I’m happy to say that we just wrapped up our first day, and it was nothing short of amazing! I got up early and went for a bike ride. During that time I prayed and worshiped God. I got my mind clear and ready for the day. When I got back, my little darlings and handsome husband were waiting and cheering for me on the balcony. We started with our daily devotion, and the rest fell into place. It was an incredible first day.

Just like I did in the spring, I am posting my daily journals to help anyone else that may be trying to get started and to also give fun family ideas and activities to support what your children are already learning in the traditional classroom. Please feel free to send me ideas. We are all in this together!

Take a look at our first day!

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This is our new home school art area, complete with a custom kids’ size Jonesy Works table, new maps, school supplies and a place to hang art work. I felt it was important to give Lucy an area dedicated just to school, since we do our sessions in the living room. Trust me. We utilize every square inch of this 1600 sq ft condo!FullSizeRender 38

We start out every morning with prayer, devotion and Bible reading. Lucy leads it. If you are looking for a good devotion for your children, Jesus Calling for Kids is great! FullSizeRender 42

Jack loves learning too! He will be 4 in September, so we are still doing preschool home school with this little sweet stinker. FullSizeRender 50

Just in case you are wondering if Lucy enjoys home school, watch Lucy!  I think it is safe to say that she loves it!

We ended our first day with a healthy meal sitting around the dinner table, a nice family bike ride and an amazing beach sunset. I went to bed feeling thankful, confident in my current season and loved by God and my family! IMG_1457

Much love!87d6d339e9056851043bd9251ddc5fec00b132f8_original