wickety wickety wickety WOK

We get excited about our wickety wickety wickety WOK over here. In fact we get so excited it makes us want to wear our clothes backwards and JUMP . . .  JUMP. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s time to find your inner 90’s child and watch a blast from the past here. Your kids will think it is hilarious, and if you ever wore your clothes backwards and happened to snap a pic, they will love that too.

Seriously speaking I love my wok! This is a staple in our house, and I use it every week. If you do not own one, get one quick. I cook a healthy quinoa vegetable stir fry with organic chicken, beef or shrimp each week. It’s so good you will want to JUMP . . . JUMP. And like all my other healthy meals, it is super easy. If I can do it, you can too!

First, I add two tablespoons of olive oil in my wok and let it get hot. Second, I start quinoa in a pan and get that boiling. If you haven’t tried quinoa yet, I dare you. It is a great healthy replacement for fried rice! In fact my kids think it is fried rice. Third, I fry a couple of organic eggs in a skillet and chop them up.

Once my wok is hot, I add in the veggie stir fry mix of broccoli, snow peas, carrots and red cabbage. Then I add in bean sprouts of some sort (alfalfa sprouts, broccoli sprouts, etc.). I also add in raw sunflower seeds, almond halves and pecan halves. I toss the chopped eggs in the mix and stir. Now let’s talk seasonings and sauce. I like to use organic gluten free soy sauce, organic teriyaki sauce, ginger, garlic, kosher salt and pepper.

The next thing I add is truly spectacular! To us eating healthy is all about finding healthier replacements for our favorite foods. Fried rice has been replaced with quinoa. So what about noodles? We needed something to replace our favorite noodles. Recently my parents gave us the coolest new kitchen utensil, and I’m having a fit to tell you about it. It is a Paderno World Cuisine Plastic Sprial Vegetable Slicer. We use this to spiral cut anything from apples to zucchini! In fact we have replaced noodles with organic spiral cut zucchini noodles. It is fabulous! It is so easy to use, that I let Lucy use it all by herself. IMG_9892   IMG_9890

Here is a short video of her easily spiralizing organic zucchini! Watch Lucy Spiralize

After adding the noodles and chicken, beef or shrimp, to the stir fry, my quinoa should be about ready. I add in the quinoa, give it all a quick stir, and let the stir fry eating goodness begin! “Get in my tummy,” as my Lucy says.

IMG_9894 IMG_0016

We each get a healthy serving in a bowl. This meal is very satisfying and makes us feel like we are eating something really out of the ordinary, even though we are guaranteed to have it once a week.

IMG_9888 IMG_8879 IMG_0018

IMG_9969If you are needing a quicker wickety wickety wickety WOK meal, here is one that my Jack begs for on a regular basis.  Brown organic ground turkey breast in the skillet. Use the sprializer to make zucchini noodles. Add noodles, ground turkey breast, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, salt and pepper to the wok. It makes a yum yum bowl of goodness, which makes my Jack Jack say, “I lub dis, mommy!”

There are so many fun things to make with the spiralizer. We have only just begun. We plan on making eggplant fries this week! Do your kids like apples? My kids LOVE apples, but what they love even more are spiralized apples. We just couldn’t resist staging a Disney’s Lady and Tramp scene at our table. Watch Lucy & the Jack

When it comes to eating our wickety wickety wickety WOK meals, my hubby loves it, and so do my kiddos. I love it, and let’s face it. Using the wickety wickety wickety WOK and the spiralizer is just down right fun! Take my advice and make this meal happen for your family. Order your spiralizer and let the fun begin!

Much love!87d6d339e9056851043bd9251ddc5fec00b132f8_original