I’m Kondo-ing My Condo!

Recently I read an article on facebook about a sure fire way to “tidy up” your space, learning and implementing the methods taught in Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”  This happened to be the same morning that I was putting away laundry that had been piled up for at least a week (sorry Jason). Anyway, I was fed up with overstuffed drawers and closets that threw clothes at me when I opened the door. I was desperate to try anything.

Our family of 4 has lived in this 1600 sq foot condo for 3 years. Before we moved here, we cleaned out drastically. We had an estate sale. We sold more than we kept, and we gave away more than we sold. It was crazy how much stuff we owned (hoarded). Hi. My name is Corie, and I am a pack rat. I know this. What can I say? I have a hard time getting rid of things. Here we are three years later, and our clothes have gotten out of hand again. I blame this mostly on my weight yoyo-ing up and down and being too busy to care. I had sizes to fit any shape of a woman. Thank goodness I’m already getting that under control. By the way, it has been 6 weeks of only healthy eating and exercising in our household, and I’ve lost 15 pounds! Hello, summer!

I am about to show you what my closet looked like Tuesday morning before I Kondo-ed it. Brace yourselves. It’s bad. Mom, if you are reading, yes you taught me better. FullSizeRender 28

Following the Kondo method, you are to take everything out . . . EVERYTHING and put it in one big pile. Then you are to look at each piece and only keep what makes you happy?!?! I know. It sounds silly, but I’m here to tell you it is liberating! We all have those outfits we put on and take off every single time because we just don’t like ourselves in it. Yet, we keep it. Not only do we keep it, but we try it on time and time again just to take it off in disgust and chunk it across the room. For whatever reason, we all keep things that do not make us happy! No more, my friend. I emptied it all out! I know. I know. Pictures or it didn’t happen right?

FullSizeRender 29 FullSizeRender 30 FullSizeRender 27

After this step, I had a slight freak out moment.  “What have I done?” That was about the time that my kids were lost in a pile of clothes, Jason came home for lunch that wasn’t prepared and Jack was wearing pink ear muffs, boots and a cowboy hat calling himself Santa Claus. After a cup of coffee and pep text from my mom and friend, I got back out there. Then I did it. I really did it. I only kept the items that made me happy! I also had my husband go through HIS clothes and only keep the items that make ME happy! I’m kidding. Some of them make him happy too. The best part about the Kondo method is learning how to put the items back in your closet and drawers. She teaches not to lay them one on top of the other like we have done for years. Instead you fold each piece or roll in a certain way that makes them stand vertical in your drawers and spaces. Where has this been all of my life?!? Are you ready for the after pictures? I just can’t stop walking in my room and looking at the organized tidy clothes! All of my drawers look like this. They’ve never in my life looked like this. Everything is color coordinated and stacked so I can see each piece. No more tearing up the drawer to find the right shirt or pair of shorts. This makes all the difference in the world!!

FullSizeRender 34FullSizeRender 24 FullSizeRender 25 FullSizeRender 26

FullSizeRender 31FullSizeRender 33

I am about to say it. The Kondo method is life-changing! I’ve only finished our room and bathroom. Next up . . . the kids’ rooms. The book also teaches how to tidy up other areas, including books and papers. I can hardly wait.

I’ve learned several things over the last 2 days.

#1 Just because I like a piece of clothing, it does not mean I need it in every color of the rainbow. I obviously have a problem.

#2 When I have been waiting to wear something for 10+ years, it is time to say buh-bye.

#3 I feel thinner when my clothes are organized. I can’t explain this one. I just do. Roll with it.

#4 Ladies, take it from me. If you haven’t cleaned out your panty drawer lately, do so. Panties can be expensive. I get it. Here’s an idea. FullSizeRender 32Purchase a new pair once a month to replace an old pair. I seriously had an over abundant panty situation. This entire garbage bag is full of panties. Again, I had all sizes. I even had maternity panties. Jack will be 4 in September?!? Clean out your panty drawer. Reward yourself and buy some new panties! You will feel better about everything when you do!

Like a friend of mine said, it is a process. I am taking my time. I know it can’t all be done in one day, but soon and very soon, this condo will be Kondo-ed.

Much love!87d6d339e9056851043bd9251ddc5fec00b132f8_original