It’s All About that Plate

Mommy, Daddy and Lucy have jumped on board of the healthy eating train with little to no problems. Jack, my 3 year old little stinker, is another story. Getting him to eat IMG_9314healthier has been quite the challenge, but as we like to say, challenge accepted. I have found a few tricks that have really helped. Jack will tell you right away that he does not like vegetables. This is coming from the little guy that only started eating meat this past year (True Story). He LOVES fruit. He would only eat fruit and drink milk every meal if I let him.


“It’s all about that plate, bout that plate, no china . . . ”

First of all, I have found that if it looks fun, Jack likes it much better. While I love to eat on my fabulous vintage collection of mismatched china, Jack likes to eat on plates designed for kids. When you think about it, everything else meant for kids is designed to be bright, colorful and fun! Why shouldn’t their tableware be the same way? Our absolute favorite fun tableware for kids is from Lima Bean Kids. We love their plates, cups and bowls. They also have the cutest personalized t-shirts and many other items. You must check them out if you haven’t already! Not to mention the owner is an adorable mom of 4, and we love supporting family businesses. Don’t you? (insert shameless Jonesy Works plug while singing Everyday I’m Hustlin)

Below are pictures of Jack’s breakfast on his favorite Lima Bean Kids plate. He used to love to eat a certain kind of frozen chocolate waffle. Those were high in sugar and not healthy for my growing boy; however, I would buy and serve them out of convenience. He still asks for his chocolate waffles. I found a way to replace those with a healthier alternative and still have the convenience when I do not have time to make them homemade. I toast Van’s Simply Delicious Whole Grain Organic Simply Wholesome Waffles, add fresh organic strawberries and just a little bit of dark chocolate shavings. Decorate it on a cute LBK plate, and it’s good to go!

IMG_9568 IMG_9572

Check out Lucy’s Lima Bean Kids plate. Lucy doesn’t just love strawberries like Jack does, but she ate every last one on this plate, and I truly believe she did so because it was cute. Like my hashtag usually says, #iplaywithfood and I love it! And so do my sweet kiddos! Why shouldn’t eating be fun?


When serving fresh veggies, I make a healthier version of ranch dressing for dipping. I mentioned this before in another blog post. Get the recipe here. Also, in that same post, I talked about topping fresh salads with our favorite quinoa sticks. That has really helped in the salad department, as well as adding grapes, strawberries and nuts to Jack’s salad. It is much easier for Jack to eat “dinosaur food” as he calls salads, when fruits and nuts are involved.

8624f56ba3257c9a9ce887c2cb7f83b2Another way I get Jack to eat his veggies and chicken or fish is to use a Fred and Friends Mr. Food Face Plate. My creative sister in law gave Lucy this for Christmas one year, and it has been a GREAT present. You can use this plate to decorate the face with food like we used to do as kids with the nostalgic Wooly Willy Toy. The kids think it’s hilarious, and it has truly made Jack eat the funny man’s hair, I mean broccoli, off his plate. Get it here.

For my last tip, when it comes to veggies, my crew prefers their veggies roasted (husband included). I am fine with that. I have to admit they are incredibly yummy that way, and if it makes them eat their veggies, then that’s a win! Check out my veggie roasting blog post coming soon.

Currently we are learning this Bible verse in our healthy happy home.

Proverbs 25:27-28 (The Message) 27 It’s not smart to stuff yourself with sweets, nor is glory piled on glory good for you. 28 A person without self-control is like a house with its doors and windows knocked out.

We also pray and ask God to give us the desire to be healthy and eat healthy. This works. Don’t believe me? Watch this short clip of my sweet boy praying. Jack Prays

Much love!87d6d339e9056851043bd9251ddc5fec00b132f8_original