Cinco de Mayo

It’s Cinco De Mayo, and I would hate to be the only one not celebrating. Come on people, this day calls for Mexican food. Our family seriously LOVES Mexican food. We have to remember that eating healthy is not about depriving ourselves but finding healthy substitutes. This can still be accomplished while supporting our fiesta taste buds today. Usually Friday night is our chicken lettuce wraps with a side of guacamole night, but since it is Cinco de Mayo, this calls for a celebration!

IMG_9472I use Organic Girl Romaine Heart Leaves, chopped chicken breast, fresh salsa that I normally make myself and fresh guacamole! If you don’t want to go full out guacamole, you can always add just a few slices of avocado. It might not be as filling, but you will get that fresh avocado taste we all crave. You can also add organic black beans and quinoa if you have it on hand for a rice and beans healthy replacement. If I don’t have the fresh ingredients to make my own salsa, I love the LaMexicana Peach Mango salsa  or the Greenwise Organic Salsa, both from Publix. I do allow myself 12 Beanitos chips for my side of guacamole. I literally count 12 chips out, close up the bag and hide it in the pantry. True story. That is the only way I will use self control and not over indulge on chips.  Beanitos chips are yummy, gluten free and have no sugar! They are 140 calories, 7 g of fat, and did I say NO SUGAR?!

home_bagfanThis meal is approved by my entire family, and it remains our family favorite each week. We usually choose this as our Friday night meal, because it makes Fridays fun and rewards our good eating behavior all week! Happy Cinco De Mayo!


For extra added fun, how about a DIY maracas craft to make with the kiddos? All you need is plastic Easter eggs, two plastic spoons each, colorful duct tape, rice, popcorn kernels or raw noodles. Put the rice, popcorn or broken raw noodles in the plastic egg. Tape the egg between two plastic spoons. Shake, rattle & roll! The Señor and Señorita are quite festive!!


Much love!87d6d339e9056851043bd9251ddc5fec00b132f8_original