Healthy Pancakes

It’s Saturday morning, and in our home that means 3 things.

1. Daddy’s Delicious Healthy Pancakes.
2. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice (that we squeeze ourselves)
3. Saturday Morning Cartoons.

PancakeFinal5Coconut-Secret-Raw-Coconut-Nectar-851492002016 We use Pamela’s Gluten Free Baking and Pancake Mix and Coconut Secret’s Gluten Free Raw Coconut Nectar for the syrup. These are the best pancakes and syrup of my life! True story! Yum!! Our kids love it, and it gives us a fun Saturday morning treat to look forward to as well. Not to mention our neighbor, Ms. Anne, who loves it when we share! I purchase the coconut nectar on amazon. I also purchase the pancake mix on amazon. Our local Publix does have the mix, but Amazon is a little bit cheaper and free shipping with our Amazon Prime account.

il_570xN.519977606_fataI can’t really explain why, but I just really crave the taste of orange juice with my pancakes. I am not really even a big orange juice fan, but when I have pancakes, I crave OJ. We began squeezing our own, in our vintage citrus juicer. It is so much fun, and the OJ tastes so much better. I do not overdo it. I only drink one small serving in my adorable little vintage juice glass. It takes about 2 fresh squeezed oranges to fill it up. We found these while junktiquing IMG_9306in the cutest small town I’ve ever seen, called Micanopy, FL earlier this year. Love it! All of Lucy’s little life I have told her about my memory of traveling through Florida as a little girl and stopping on the side of the road at an orange stand to drink orange juice, straight from the orange, picked straight from the grove. Lucy got to make that same memory at Ridge Island Groves in the Clermont, FL area. They were the sweetest people, and we just couldn’t get enough of the fresh Florida orange juice. Lucy drank the juice from not one navel orange but two. Jack went for the fresh strawberries. This was a great family adventure that we will cherish forever. 10896943_10155098865435725_4907424427913246145_n 10931009_10153045922688792_8345650300280128540_n

On a regular basis I only drink coffee in the morning and water throughout the day, but I do enjoy adding fresh cucumber slices and fresh squeezed lemon orIMG_8329-1 orange juice in my water. Just a little bit will help any person who has trouble drinking straight water. It is amazing the taste it adds. Lucy loves the fresh cucumber slices in her water. Jason and Jack prefer fresh squeezed lemons. Sometimes I make a large pitcher for us to enjoy throughout the day. It also helps to have it in a beautiful container! It makes for a beautiful table piece too!

Much love!87d6d339e9056851043bd9251ddc5fec00b132f8_original