The Anything Salad

This is my “Anything Salad.” I call it that simply because anything goes. If it’s healthy, it makes the cut! Tuesday made 3 weeks of cooking and eating healthy in our home. Jason and I both have LOST 10 POUNDS!! We had huge healthy anything salads to celebrate. In my anything salad, I add organic lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, raisins, grapes, strawberries, egg, avocado, bean sprouts, sunflower seeds, pecans, almond slivers, bell peppers, edamame, snow peas, quinoa and even chicken when I have it.  Lucy and I have always loved salads. Jason and Jack have not. I figured out it was more of a texture thing for them, Jason included. I cut everything as small as possible with my kitchen shears. That has made Jason learn to eat tomatoes and cucumbers, both of which he did not like to eat before.

IMG_8209-1The trick for Jack and Lucy in a salad and even some veggies, is my healthier version of ranch dressing. I got the recipe from my dad Joe. It is easy to make, and they love it. All you do is mix a package of Ranch dressing mix with about a cup of plain Greek style yogurt. Then you can thin it with just a tablespoon or two of  nonfat buttermilk. Good stuff. Jason prefers Annie’s Organic Lite Gingerly VinaigDressing_LiteGingerly2_FR___2rette. We purchase Annie’s at Publix or our local healthy food store called For the Health of It. You can also purchase it online.  As long as I have avocado in my salad, I do not use a salad dressing. 


I also like to put a fun topping on each salad to give it some crunch and flair! I love to play with food! My new favorite thing to add, is Hi I’m Skinny Snacks brand of snacks. The Quinoa Sticks Ancient Grains Sweet Onion snacks are like eating Funyons, but they are actually fun with no guilt included! You are allowed 24, but you can also just add a few to the top of your salad to give it a crunchy fun taste. As you can see in the pic above, Jack said his looked like train tracks. He also calls salads “dinosaur food” so one might say he ate on the dinosaur train for lunch. Anything I can do to make Jack eat healthier . . . whatever it takes, whatever it takes.

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